Refund Policy

Refund requests must be submitted within 14 days of the purchase date, applying to both full and partial refunds.

Refunds are not automatically initiated upon cancelation of your subscription and are processed manually upon request within the 14-day window following subscription.

For a full refund, no credits from the purchased package should be used. If you've begun utilizing some credits, a partial refund can be requested using the following formula:

(([membership price] / [Number of credits] ) * [number of credits you have used]) - [membership price] = Partial refund


  • Your subscription costs 24 USD.
  • The subscription includes 500,000 characters.
  • You've used 100,000 characters.

Partial refund calculation:

(( 24 / 500 000 ) * 100 000) - 24 = 19.20 USD

We charge based on your credit usage because text-to-audio and AI conversions incur immediate costs when sending data to AI servers. This ensures a fair reflection of the resources consumed during your usage.